Keith Calligan

Openshift and Event Driven Ansible (Part 1)

In this series of posts, I will be covering the basics of setting up Ansible Automation Platform and the EDA (Event Driven Ansible) custom-resource.  An Ansible rulebook and an associated playbook will be

Query OCP API from Pod

I've been sort of busy with projects lately but here is a quick article to keep things going. Recently, I was asked for a way to query the Kubernetes/OCP API

Deploying Helm-Based ACM Applications

In this post, I am going to show how a Helm-based application is deployed in ACM (Advanced Cluster Management).  This application will be mysql. First, Mysql will be deployed by specifying the Helm

Managing OCP Infrastructures Using GitOps (Part 3)

In the first part of this series, I showed you how the to install the Assisted Service/CIM (Central Infrastructure Management) and how a cluster can be deployed in a declarative manner using