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Openshift Compliance Operator

This post will be based on the documentation available at Many enterprises are required by law and/or corporate policies to follow the Center for Internet Security (CIS) framework and other best-practices for the secure configuration of target systems. The Openshift Compliance Operator is based on the OpenScap project which should be familiar to anyone […]

Adding IPV6 as Additional Network on a Pod

This is tested using OCP 4.6 In this demonstration, we will have a secondary network interface (ens224) on my node. This interface will be used to attach an additional network to a CENTOS tools pod. The steps I am following are mostly from: 1. I added a secondary NIC to my worker3 […]

Adding Active Directory Oauth Provider

Many organizations use Microsoft Active Directory to control a user’s ability to login to various environments and as a way to provide RBAC (role-based access controls) through Groups. OCP works with many authentication providers such as Github, Gitlab, HTPASSWD, Google, OpenID, as well as LDAP. Active Directory is based on LDAP so it will be […]