About this site

My name is Keith Calligan. I am a Senior Solutions Architect for Red Hat. My function at Red Hat is as a member of the Tiger Team specializing in the Openshift Container Platform (OCP) for the Telecommunications sector.

The reason for this blog is multi-dimensional. It is a way for me to keep (and share) notes to help understand, install, troubleshoot, and sustain the platform (IE: day 2 ops). The official documentation and other references will be used from time-to-time for new blog entries and videos.

My background has always been operations and infrastructure. In this blog, I plan to stay mostly in this discipline in regards to OCP. There are many developer-centric activities with Openshift but that is not in my wheelhouse. I’m not saying I won’t venture in that territory but it won’t happen often.

Some of the ideas I have right now are to get under the hood of OCP. I think this is the key to understanding its operation and for troubleshooting purposes. The first blogs I write will revolve around that aspect.

I may start with the bare-metal install process and deconstruct the various components of that and also provide explanations and links to the various workloads that exist in a default OCP installation.

The views, methods, and any other information presented on this site are my own.  Even though I am an employee of Red Hat, this site is not endorsed or sponsored by Red Hat.